Getting rid of my smile lines...or attempting to

Soooo....I never really paid that much attention to my smile lines until real recently. I don't always notice them either though, but when I took a picture of myself without smiling I noticed them clearly in my picture. I feel like my smile lines make my cheeks look bigger haha, so I am hoping that I can minimize the appearance of them by doing these simple steps in my night time routine. 

So here's what I do:

  1. I wash my face with my soapless face wash "Shea Moisture Oil Cleanser, use witch hazel as my toner.
  2. Then I dip my fingers in my coconut oil; only using very minimal amount and apply it directly on my smile lines and massage upwards towards my eyeballs about 15 times.

Now, after I massage my face, I usually get a pink/reddish mark where I finger massaged my face, but no worries that goes away :-) 

I decided to take a BEFORE picture just so I can see if this routine makes a difference after about a month, I'll post an AFTER picture and blog about this when its been a month!




smile line.JPG