Yes..I lost 53 lbs. in 9 months...I'll tell you what I did.

So as you know by now I was pregnant and have since given birth to my beautiful boy, Roman and that was on October 1, 2016. In my third trimester my heaviest weight was 185, the last time I weighed in before I gave birth! I always knew that once I became pregnant I would continue to workout as usual, but obviously nothing to strenuous. I did just that, I worked out a couple times a week during my pregnancy up until I had to be admitted to the hospital on 3 different occasions due to developing Preeclampsia. I also knew that I wanted to breastfeed my child for up to 1 FULL year! Boy was I after I had my son, like I said before I actually started working out slowly within a few weeks to a month, but then I didn't have time to once Roman was able to come home. I breastfed for only 4 months, and that actually kick started the weight shedding for me; I actually didn't realize that breastfeeding was helping until I wasn't paying attention to my body honestly. However, even though I was losing weight it was too slow for me and although I was in mommy mode I wanted to devote some attention to myself and my body so I would do at home workouts here and there within the first 5 months and would kinda eat healthy and kinda not in between all of that. 

In wasn't until May, I decided to get really serious about getting back to pre pregnancy weight and staying more committed to a healthier lifestyle as much as possible. So I did some research and came across the "Military Diet," which happens to be a pretty popular diet. I watched a few Youtube videos of others' testimony after completing the diet and I was SOLD. You should definitely look up "Military Diet" and see what information is out there ***Disclaimer, IT IS NOT for everyone. However,  I wanted to see if this thang really worked, and part of me was skeptical about it anyway. My starting weight when I started this 3 day diet was 152.5, but lets just say 153 and by the end of day 3 I was down to 146 lbs; losing 7 lbs in 3 days! not bad, eh (See pic below) I was actually amazed by the results and even though it was only for 3 days, it was tough I can't even lie, on day 2 I was reconsidering continuing on haha but I was able to maintain a very similar eating habit after I was done with the diet, which was why I was able to maintain the weight lost and then lose more in the process. I noticed that because my eating habits changed and I was still working out, the weight was just shedding by this time. 

I did have a few nights where I didn't eat dinner, not purposely, but I sometimes have days and moments where I have "tunnel vision" and I don't consider the fact that I haven't eaten, if I need to get something done or if mommy mode has gotten the best of me, and due to that I "accidentally" lost a few pounds, hahaha. In August, I rejoined a kickboxing gym that I previously joined a few years ago and decided to sign up for another year's worth of kick boxing, which doesn't play a significant role in my weight loss but it does play a part, since I haven't been going as much as I should "shaking my head," I gotta do better. However, I was going to the YMCA to workout at least once or twice a week and would sometimes bring my son with me; my lil workout partner and just incorporate him in my workouts! Hey, by any means necessary I am going to get it done!

But I have a lil secret for y'all...while exercising is great and very beneficial and extremely helpful, what helped me shed weight quickly and maintain my now 132 lbs. frame is my DIET; what I eat and how much I eat. Food has always been a struggle for me until recently; I like GOOD food, I mean who doesn't?! I consider myself to have an addictive personality depending on what it is, and in this case if I like a certain food or entree, I want to keep getting it over and over and over again! I had to train my mind and body to change the way I eat and control my portion size as well. I believe the Military Diet helped considerably in me being more conscious about my portion size. Here's another lil secret for y'all, I still eat what I want at times, but I just make sure I don't have too much of "whatever I want;" portion size matters :-) Also, I stopped snacking for a while after I completed the Military Diet; I wouldn't snack at night anymore or eat snacks throughout the day, but recently I will grab a snack on occasion. 

But you know what's funny now?....I've had people say to me, "We need to put some more meat on your bones!" and "You are soooo small" and "You lost A LOT of weight, sheesh Kemi." I actually didn't realize it until I had to buy new jeans; yes I saw the scale but its hard to see a drastic difference when I look at myself in the mirror everyday because I am used to seeing me everyday, so when others point things out to me then I can take a look more intently at myself, as with other situations. 

I wanted to share with anyone who has ever asked me what I did to lose weight, how I did it, and/or even if I went on a diet. This blog is for you to get a more in depth view into how this weight loss process was for me and I hope I answered your questions and gave you a detailed view into my lil journey. I am now maintaining  a weight range of 130-133lbs. and DO NOT plan to lose more weight, I have exceeded my weight goal of 135lbs.  I am currently on a detox/cleanse that is for 7 days and I have 2 days left; the purpose of this cleanse is not to lose weight but to cleanse my insides of all the harsh, bad bacteria that DON'T need to be there, which I would recommend "The Cleaner" you can purchase from your local really does work (pic below).

I will continue to watch my portion size for the most part and with the holidays in full effect, I am going to enjoy the good eats! :-) Happy Holidays!!


Do at your own risk!

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