I will not pay to get SNS anymore!...Like ever!

Hey y’all, this blog is not entirely what you think….

And I realize that I haven’t blogged about anything fashion and beauty in like…several months smh (face palm). Sorry ya’ll…LIFE.

So I have blogged about SNS nails before and I was sold the first time I got it done CORRECTLY lol I actually have been a loyal SNS customer for a little over a year, but the time has come when I will no longer go to the nail salon to get them done. I actually always love my nails when I get them done, I pay my lil’ $35-40 and then go about my business and come back at least a month later for another set…it’s worth it, if you have 2 hours to spare and no where to go anytime soon when you go to the nails salon…ugh, I was starting to feel some type of way going to the nail salon and having to make sure I was well prepared to spend at least 2 hours there. I actually liked my nail tech lady, but she definitely was meticulous and as I have mentioned before I’d rather that then someone who rushes through with doing my nails. However, being the unapologetic DIY lover, I knew it was a matter of time before I would say “F this, i’m doing this myself!” My last time at the nail salon was last month and I will not be returning. I actually was having a conversation with another lady as we were both waiting to get our SNS, and I mentioned to her i’m going to start doing these myself… and she was like, “yes I don’t blame you, that’s good if you can girl!”

Say no more! I looked down at my nails last week and was like, bump it i’m taking these off my nails (previous SNS set) I already have my own nail drill, acetone, cotton balls, and foil..so I had everything I needed to remove it and I did and went straight to Amazon and purchased the Kiara Sky dip powder color of my choice ( one that was Amazon prime eligible and not expensive) and then I purchased the SNS kit, also by Kiara Sky…and also made sure it was Amazon prime eligible, especially since it was days before Christmas and wanted it fast (I’ll have pictures below). I went on Youtube to see how others applied it and then went to work. I already know that since it’s my first time, I’ll be able to see and tweak where I need to for next time, and it was going to be a teachable moment for me. I was trying hard not to be anxious and excited about it, but it was hard not to lol. As soon as my SNS kit arrived today, I got all my materials I needed and got right to work! I wished I would’ve gotten these items sooner, but pampering was a part of my self care routine after having my son. I can now get back to doing those things for me, because doing my own nails was always therapeutic for me pre-baby and now I can get back to doing that, and getting creative with it! I’ll be getting more color dip powders very soon and even will experiment on my toes :-). I will link the items I purchased from Amazon below as well.

Items not included in the picture:

Nail drill

Cotton balls


Nail file

Cuticle Oil/Hand scrub

This is the Kiara Sky- Sweet Plum


This is the Kiara Sky essentials kit


nails products.jpg
These are my real nails…SNS does wonders to my nails and length.

These are my real nails…SNS does wonders to my nails and length.



After…I can see the areas I will need to pay attention to next time :-)

After…I can see the areas I will need to pay attention to next time :-)