So I got a wax for the first time :-O

Ok....soo....Listen...Linda...girlllaaaa!!! Why didn't anyone tell me that getting a wax would hurt this bad!!! I have secretly always wanted to know what getting a wax "down there" felt like, and I would read blogs and watch Youtube video after video after video on other people's experiences in the past but then I would change my mind about getting one myself. The thought of a stranger looking at my private parts that isn't my doctor or husband, just made me feel ...ugh lol 

However, I've always heard the benefits and good stuff about getting a wax though! So I randomly went on Yelp and found a spot near my house and looked at the reviews, watched more videos on Youtube, did research and committed to getting a "Full Bikini Wax." 

I arrived at Pure Wax and Beaute like 10 min early filled out the consent forms and sat and waited for my turn, I purposely didn't want to think about the experience, so my mind wandered elsewhere and I looked at IG on my phone to pass time lol The receptionist lady was super nice and welcoming so that definitely helped! I probably waited about 10 minutes before Jessica brought me in this back room, I let her know this was my first time and she kinda laughed and said i'm her fourth newbie today so far lol She assured me that  I will love the results but also that it is a little painful, pshh a little?! lol

So I realized that she was engaging in "small talk" with me, I see that she was doing that to ease my nerves, and normally I don't like small talk but in this instance I was fine with it lol I remember her asking me if I had kids and to that I said , "Yes, I have a son." She then asked me, "How old is he?" I said, "16 months." Then she proceeds to ask me if I had a natural, vaginal birth and I said, "Yes." She then says to me, well if you can give birth then this is nothing! So I was like Ok cool!

Y'all she pulled that first wax strip after making me position my legs into a butterfly position, and I almost lost it! She continued on and I was just like "F it"...I came this far lol She kept telling me to think of "Happy thoughts" and I couldn't! lmbo. So I have to assume that since this was my very first time getting a wax it was super painful, because that's what Jessica said, sooooo i'm assuming the more I get a wax the less painful it'll be right?! Let's just say, giving birth was less painful to me than getting the Bikini wax, bruh....

However, I did schedule a follow up appointment next month lol I am just going to add this to my SELFcare :-)