Aloe Vera for my FACE!

So, this weird thing happened with my face…not really sure what it is that is causing my skin to be inflamed, but I absolutely hate it! I pride myself on not having to wear make up, so I take care of my skin at all times. I looked up some things, but I’m not one to run to a dermatologist to get facial creams or medicine for my face, without first trying natural products or changing up my regimen. I don’t know if it’s dermatitis (atopic), psoriasis, or just a bad reaction to something. However, I feel like a hormonal change may also be a culprit too though…hmmm. My skin on the left side of my face started feeling dry, flaky, and then I had reddish bumps ..and then I started seeing it on the right side of my face, which I didn’t experience that before, so of course I’m a little freaked out and want to get on top of it right away!

I’ll have pictures below of what my bare face looks like with the inflammation on both sides before, and I’ll come back on here to post an after picture of what my face looks like as well. I used aloe vera juice on my face a few years ago as an overnight mask and remember that it made my face feel good, but I just did it to try something new. This time, I am using it as a form of healing and recovery for my facial skin; and rejuvenation. Aloe Vera has some great benefits; being an antioxidant, reducing redness, and superficial acne or pimple; not cystic acne or deep rooted acne, and acts as an inflammatory agent. I went ahead and cut open my aloe vera leaf and scraped out as much of the gel that I could in a bowl, my next step is try a aloe vera/honey mask, but for now I just applied the aloe vera juice on my face and let it sit overnight. I used my hands to apply the aloe vera juice on my face; a GOOD amount and then I stored the bowl in the fridge covered with saran wrap. I would recommend if you’re going to store in a fridge, that you store it up to 10-12 days. I am also going to go back to my old faithful (haha) “Shea Moisture Oil Cleanser” I actually have a blog below on that item, I’m going to use that to cleanse my face before applying the aloe vera juice on my face. I would highly recommend washing your face before applying the aloe vera juice, and wash your face with a cleanser that is non-comedogenic ! Examples of those are brands like: Olay, Neutrogena, or Cetaphil; but again oil cleansers are fine too. Hopefully, my face will snap back in a few days!



Looks weird I know lol, I have this in a clear, textured bowl

Looks weird I know lol, I have this in a clear, textured bowl

Shea Moisture, came through for your girl!

So every year for the past maybe 2 years I get dry, patchy skin under my eye and sometimes in my T-zone area on my face, and typically i'll use my regular clean and clear face wash and then use a toner then follow up with using raw shea butter on the dry spots, only for it to be dry the next day again, what gives?! So I randomly went to Target to find a soapless face wash to use on my face, since Google suggests that's what I use....and I looked at the Shea Moisture product line, which I typically will do if I am in the beauty section at Target just to see what new item they have or whatever. I came across their Peace Rose Oil Complex: Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Oil...with Date Palm & Camellia Extracts. 

Listen..Linda, I used it that same night and I immediately noticed a difference, my skin didn't feel as dry and patchy, but it was still a little patchy. However, the next morning when I used it, I again, noticed a difference in how my skin felt; a little less dry and patchy. By Day 3, it was totally gone! I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well on my skin, and I didn't have a negative reaction to it either! I have oily skin, and seasonally I would get these dry, patchy spots on my face that are annoying, so this product really helped your girl out big time!

Try it and see if it works for you too!