Trying to remain Authentic.

In a world where everybody seems to be overly sensitive or easily offended by everything it seems, or where you are surrounded by "plastic" individuals, it can be hard to be Authentic or to embrace your Authenticity; I understand and empathize with YOU. I hate to say it, but social media does a good job at perpetuating this here phenomenon unfortunately...Do I really need to go into detail about that??? HOWever....I won't put the blame on social media alone, but the foundation was set from how we grew up as well; our environment, peer groups, etc. In order for those that know me to know how I got to be who I am now, you got to understand "what" I came from.

I wasn't always like this; a little forthcoming, honest, firm in my truth....but i'm grateful for every life experience which has both hurt and helped me in some capacity, of course I can appreciate it now.

Being "real" is often used synonymously with "Authentic", and there is a way you can be Real without being Obnoxious; consider the feelings of others even when you are being true to yourself and others. On the other hand, not everyone responds well to your Truth, sadly enough. However, that's not your problem; as the saying goes "You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm." You don't need to give unsolicited opinions or your views on whatever it is, or being careless with your words for the sake of "being real" either, that's being obnoxious and that's counterproductive! 

Whenever someone asks me a question, depending on who it is, the next words that come out of my mouth are "Do you want me to tell you the truth?" I ask that because I am aware that there are those who want a person that will cosign their feelings or agree in favor to whatever the concern is. When you ask me a question, you are giving me an option to respond in favor to you or not in favor, that's my right. However, when someone asks me a question or wants my advice or input on something and they EXPECT me to respond in favor of their stance on something or their are trying to take away my autonomy and that makes me uncomfortable and it shows me the character of that person as well. 

At the end of the day, I would rather be disliked for my honestly and/or Authenticity versus being liked for an UnTruth #fact. 

If you are one that craves for Authenticity and you yourself fight an internal battle at times with expressing your Truth and Authenticity, let me encourage you to KEEP being YOU; unapologetically your Authentic self without being Obnoxious; because that's possible. 

Your Authenticity is the breeding ground for your Genuineness. 




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I'm just glad to be here :-)