continuation.. Trying to Remain Authentic

As we know, being Authentic isn't always about exactly what you say, but how you say things too. I am my most Authentic when I'm being true to my emotions; if i'm not doing good one day then you may hear me say, "Man, i'm just maintaining," or "today is just one of those days," or "just pray for me." I am learning that it is okay to not be okay, contrary to popular belief. 

Being a Mental Health Counselor comes with its own sets of challenges and sometimes struggles, but I make sure that I am practicing what I am "preaching," being transparent so they see that example and they too will want to be vulnerable and open as it will only help them in future sessions. 

What I have learned in these past years for the most part is that when I am vulnerable with others, it allow others to also be vulnerable and comfortable. That to me, is a gift that keeps on giving!