Yes, I'm a Therapist and I Broke Down and Cried

So yesterday, I had a moment. I noticed I hadn't been feeling my complete self and it was a series of not so helpful thoughts and experiences that triggered those not so helpful thoughts, that I was tooooo busy to manage....that I realized were making me feel defeated. 

I was one of those types of cries that felt good to release but at the same time cathartic. I then began to pray, I read a devotional,  I group texted my "sistahs" and asked them to pray for me, I stepped away from social media temporarily, and I went to my kickboxing gym to workout. Without going into full detail about what events precipitated my breakdown, I'd just like to say that sometimes I get reminders that I am certainly not in control and I had to step back and connect with my source, God and really just take a mental break, even if it's for just a little bit. I purposely took time away from posting on social media for the rest of the day and it felt good to step away even for a little bit. 

Writing blogs is like journaling for me, but I was intentional about writing this blog, because I realize that there are people who don't think that therapists or counselors have issues, struggles, challenges, "moments"....and maybe not "literally" think that, because that would also imply we aren't human, but that it's not something that happens hardly at all, because for the simple fact that we are Therapists/Counselors; who spend a lot of our time counseling others, because we have "things" figured out. Not true. I hurt just like anyone would, I sometimes have negative self talk, I get angry, I cry when I'm emotionally moved, I experience happiness; I experience a full range of emotions! 

Sometimes, I have to utilize the skills I teach my clients on myself! I try to "practice what I teach" and also it allows me to  understand also how difficult it could be for my clients to also use the same skills and tools they learn in my sessions. 

Let me just say that there is no therapist/counselor on earth that is far above or exempt from experiencing issues themselves, we are human and we have our "moments" too. 

Even therapists need therapy from time to time, to make sure we are ok to continue on in this line of work :-) That support is nice to have. Just like when I contacted my "support" in my time of need, which is something I encourage my clients to have outside of Me (as their therapist), I need it for myself as well. 

I have different roles that I take on, and sometimes it can get overwhelming, but SELFcare is my medicine for life, and I will continue to use it until I can't any longer. 

<<<<Shoutout to all my Therapist friends and colleagues near and far. 


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