It's been awhile...Grinding

Sheesh it has been awhile since I last posted a blog, forgive me for I have been GRINDING...

Speaking of grinding, and not just grinding but prioritizing has been a skill I had to and still am learning to maintain in my everyday routine. I have had moments of tunnel vision, where I'm just focused on my business and mommy mode that I sometimes don't realize that I haven't interacted socially in REAL life lol 

See the thing about being an Entrepreneur or Business Woman, I'm learning that it comes with sacrifices, and it ain't for everybody that's for sure! I will have people in my life that aren't as understanding as well, which I can't totally blame them per se, but if you understand what I have going on and the roles I take on, then my hope is that he/she will understand. 

I am also learning that I am supported more by people I don't know and that's great to know that those individuals don't have to know me personally to support something they like! I don't harp or focus on who isn't supporting me, because to me it doesn't really matter to me, my brand and product will be recognized and supported by those that choose to or want to support and that's the GOAL!

Entrepreneurship can be a beautiful mess sometimes; dig the oxymoron, but it's also so liberating to know that it's YOUR business and you can clock in and clock out whenever you wish, but my hope is that you actually clock out at some point and pour back into yourself, which I have had to do as necessary. I've said this before, but You can't pour from an Empty gotta practice SELFcare.